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Set the Stage for Seduction

Your home says a lot about you. Does yours look as if it were recently vandalized -- or have you made it a place of pleasure and serenity? If you can use some advice on sprucing up your interior, pay a visit to these sites. Then plan on fun and romance in your spruced-up space.

Romance at Home
Michael & Barbara Jonas, authors of The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance, offer tips for adding romance to everyday life. See their "Five-Step Plan for a Perfect Night of Passion."

Games For Lovers
Fun games for couples to play.

Sexy Music CDs
Music to put you in the mood for love.

Home Portfolio
Lose the Barcalounger. It may not be too late to order that loveseat.

Pier 1 Imports
Candles, cushions, and other decorations to feather a nest.

Valentine's Day Decorations
From About's Guide to Interior Decorating.


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