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There's a reason they call them cabins, not rooms. You expect a room to be, well, roomy. Our cabin on the Norwegian Sky measured less than 200 square feet. Yet it accommodated a queen-size bed, ample closet space, a working safe, a desk, chair, loveseat, mini-fridge, and TV.

Most people say cabin size doesn't matter because, "How much time are you going to spend in your room anyway?" My answer: A lot. Mostly to avoid a) people who ask such annoying questions; b) the sun; and c) the possibility of physical exertion beyond selecting one of the Sky's seven different restaurants. So the cabin does matter. This one, trust me, was perfectly fine.

The balcony was a disappointment, though. Although it was nice to be able to step outside without eliciting shouts of "woman overboard!," the child-size plastic furniture was too small for comfort. Consequently, we were forced to roust ourselves from our lovenest and venture into the Sky's public spaces....

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Photograph appears courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line.

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