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Become a Diamond Expert

Diamonds. What is it about this colorless mineral that makes women swoon and men sweat? Traditionally, more couples get engaged on Valentine's Day than any other time, and the presentation of a diamond ring to seal the deal is still de rigueur.

Ready to take the plunge? If you're like the majority of American couples, you'll discuss getting a diamond ring to mark your engagement beforehand, and go shopping for the diamond together. Before you visit a jeweler, learn all you can about dazzling diamonds.

Before You Buy a Diamond
How to differentiate between diamonds.
Includes information on the 4Cs.

A Diamond is Forever
Design your own diamond ring. Brought to you by De Beers.

The Hope Diamond
Maybe next year...

Tiffany & Co.
Classic diamond ring engagement styles, plus the new Lucida cut.

Forevermark Diamonds.
Responsibly sourced diamonds, each uniquely inscribed to help with identification.


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