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Being Alone on Valentine's Day

Not everyone has someone special to spend this day with. If that describes you and you find yourself alone, don't get down...get around. Some links to keep your spirits high:

Donate Blood or Volunteer
The American Red Cross can use your help.

Feed the Hungry
Just one click will make a difference.

Dating from About
Advice from our expert guide on finding and mating.

Adopt a Pet
Find unconditional love!

Coping on Valentine's Day
Ideas from About.com's Dating Guide

It Could Be Worse
Learn about Chicago's bloody St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
From About's 20th Century History Guide.


More Valentine's Day Links:

Valentine's Day Headquarters | Are You Compatible? | Cast a Spell | Save the Date | Buy a Diamond | Shop for Seduction | Flowers & Chocolate | Send a Valentine's Day Card | Set the Stage | Foods of Love | More from About Guides


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