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Valentine's Day Vacation Travel Quickies!
Special Valentine's Day Edition
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In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Americans by Hilton Hotels Corporation, people were asked their idea of the ideal Valentine's Day gift. A whopping 89 percentresponded "vacation trips," and 86 percent also chose "special dinners" as the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. More than half (59 percent) admitted that when they go on a trip together, they fall in love all over again. (Of course, something sparkly indubitably nurtures those good feelings on Valentine's Day and all year long.)

If you agree there's nothing as romantic as a night or more spent away in a special place to celebrate Valentine's Day, check out the extraordinary Valentine's Day packages for lovers. Whether you're a married couple, a pair of honeymooners, a new boyfriend and girlfriend, or about to become engaged, you'll find magic and the moonlight awaiting you this Valentine's Day.

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Valentine postcard from the collection of Susan Breslow Sardone.

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