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How to Relax on Your Wedding Night

Your first night as a married couple may be different from how you imagine it.

Difficulty Level: hard      Time Required: all night

Here's How:
  1. Accept the fact that wedding nights are perfect only in the movies.
  2. In most cases, you're either going to be exhausted from the event or totally wired.
  3. Neither is the best state of mind for the best sex of your life.
  4. So take the pressure off yourselves.
  5. Shower and change into comfortable clothes.
  6. If it feels right to you, and you still have out of town friends around, invite them to your honeymoon suite.
  7. If that's the craziest advice you every heard, ignore it.
  8. Order room service.
  9. After the food and drink arrive, slip the "do not disturb" sign on your door.
  10. Share with each other the high points of the wedding, and what you remember most.
  11. Present a small gift to each other (see below for ideas).
  12. Arrange a wake-up call if you need to catch a flight.
  13. Don't rush things. Start with a massage, perhaps.
  14. And if the sex isn't the greatest thing you ever experienced, don't fret. You've got a lifetime to perfect it.

  1. No children. Anywhere.
  2. You'll remember this night for the rest of your life, so make the effort to make it special.
  3. Unless you met on "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire," it will not all be over in the morning.

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