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Make the Most Out of a Hotel Stay


waldorf astoria

NYC's landmark Waldorf=Astoria.

Courtesy of the Waldorf=Astoria.
Even if you only have a day, pack the most fun into it!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. When you make reservations, tell the clerk you're on your honeymoon. You never know what extra goodies you'll get.
  2. Find out what time check-in is. Ask if early check-in is available. (In most cases, if you show up around 11 am and you ask nicely and your room is available, the hotel will accommodate you).
  3. If you can't check in early, ask the hotel to hold your luggage for you — and go out and see the sights.
  4. Find out what the facilities are in advance.
  5. If there's a pool, bring suits.
  6. If there's a spa, reserve treatments before you arrive.
  7. Make dinner reservations before you arrive.
  8. Order breakfast in bed from room service the night before.
  9. Request late check-out.
  10. Cuddle up and order a movie to watch together after dinner.
  11. Miss the ending.
  12. If the visit was a good one, join the hotel's frequent-guest club.
  13. If the visit was great, write a letter of thanks. They'll want you to come back soon.


  1. Many hotels overcharge on phone calls. If you have to make several, use your cell phone or a pay phone.
  2. Leave the terry-cloth robes where you found them. Otherwise you're likely to find an unwelcome charge on your bill.
  3. Use automated check-out if the charges listed on your bill are accurate.
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