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Second Honeymoons

Make Love Better the Second Time Around


Don Cesar Vow Renewals wedding

Two hundred couples gathered at sunset to renew their wedding vows at the Don Cesar.

Courtesy Don Cesar Beach Resort & Spa.

One great thing about marrying more than once is that you're entitled to a brand-new honeymoon every time you recite the vows. Of course, you needn't trade in your spouse just to get another week on the beach.

Many long-married couples make it a priority to take a honeymoon every year or so. Sometimes it's only a long romantic weekend; other times it's a trip to an exotic spot they've saved up to visit.

Then there are couples who preface a second honeymoon with an anniversary celebration or vow renewal ceremony.

Sheri Stritof, About.com's Marriage Guide (along with her husband Bob), says, "We've had six honeymoons. Each brings back warm memories even though most of them weren't extraordinary trips or locations. What made them special was the fact that we were making time for one another."

For couples newly wed to new partners, "There will probably be less nervousness about the sexual aspects of the honeymoon," Stritof adds. "However, the tiredness from the wedding preparation, the wedding itself, and the reception itself will still take their toll."

Second Honeymoon Do's and Don'ts

  • Do leave the kids behind.

  • Do plan the vacation together. Expressing your expectations is crucial to making the trip a memorable one.

  • Do consider making a vow renewal part of your second honeymoon; many resorts can help you arrange the complete details.

  • Do make sure that each of you gets to do something you really want to on the trip -- and participate in it as a couple.

  • Don't over-schedule your time. Keep it relaxing and feel free to do what you want when and where you want to do it.

  • Don't use the honeymoon to solve problems in your relationship -- or expect the time away to erase problems.

  • Do pack a tender wedding night "surprise gift."

  • Do keep your sense of humor: Travel plans can go awry, and starting a journey off with patience, understanding, and a good laugh can put your marriage on the right track.

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