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Love Quotations: Ironic and Humorous
Funny, witty, silly, ironic quotations about love.

Love Quotations: "Love is..."
Quotations that answer the question and describe what love is.

Vacation Without Children
Where to vacation without children.

Quotes on Marriage - Marriage Quotations
Quotes on marriage and quotes on anniversaries.

Love Quotes - Love Quotations - All Love Quotes
Wise quotes, funny quotes, bitter quotes, profound quotes, silly quotes and more quotations about love and relationships, plus how to write a love letter.

Love Quotes: Kissing Quotes: Love Quotations
Quotations about kissing and receiving kisses from a loved one.

Second Honeymoons
Advice for second honeymoons.

Love Quotations: Romantic & Passionate Sayings
Quotations about romantic and passionate love.

Love Quotations: Inspirational
Quotations about love that inspire.

Love Quotes: Tender Love Quotes
Quotes that express love with tenderness, and love quotes that speak from the heart.

Love Quotations: Comforting
Quotations that bring comfort to the heart.

Celebrity Love Quotes
The love quote, delivered by a famous person or celebrity.

Love Quotations: Philosophical
Quotations from philosophers about love.

Diners' Bill of Rights
The Zagat Guide's Diners' Bill of Rights.

Travel Quotations
Looking for a travel quotation? These travel quotations include insightful quotes from wise travelers.

Honeymoon Magazine Interview - Part I
Interview about honeymoon trends with the former editor of Honeymoon Magazine.

Honeymoon Magazine Interview - Part 2
Interview with the editor of Honeymoon Magazine, continued.

A quote.

A quote.

Even More Tender Quotes
Still more quotes on love.

Still More Tender Quotes
More quotes on love.

More Tender Quotes
More quotes about love.

Love Quotations: On First Love
Quotations about first love.

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