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Romantic Weekend Getaways in the USA and Canada

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Callaway Gardens, 14,000 acres outside of Atlanta, is a great Southeast getaway if you like to walk, hike, bike, fish, or just stop and smell the flowers.

(c) Georgia Department of Economic Development.
What couple hasn't dreamed of stealing away for a romantic weekend to a place that's peaceful, pretty, and private? A getaway where dining is a sensual delight... and where the two of you can chill out, kick back, and explore places locals journey to when they're in love.

To clue you in on the best places for a weekend escape, we've spanned North America for favorite getaway spots for lodging, dining, and smooching.

Every couple needs private time together in a stress-free setting. Using the links provided, choose a place (they're all wonderful), make a reservation, and go! Your better half will thank you for it.

Romantic Weekend City Escape Guides
Great Getaways from Major U.S. Cities

Romantic Weekend Getaways by State

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The West & Hawaii

The Best Places for Lovers in Canada:

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