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Valentine's Day Postcards
The history of sending loving Valentine's Day postcards goes back more than a century.

During the Golden Age of postcards (1907-1915), some of the world's most beautiful Valentine's Day postcards were created. You can see in these vintage Valentine's Day postcards the influence of Victorian design and sentiments, which have stood the test of time. (Continue below ad.)

I've scoured flea markets and antiques stores, collectors' shows and yes, the Internet, to gather for you what I consider the best antique and vintage Valentine's Day postcards.

Some of these Valentine's Day cards have travel as a theme, but there are also plenty of flowers and hearts and cupids to go around. Look through all the pages and enjoy these beautiful cards, then select the very best ones to email to those you love on Valentine's Day -- or any time at all.

Heart & Rose

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Two Kids

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Valentine Message
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Cards from the collection of Susan Breslow Sardone.

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