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Valentine's Day Getaways and Dining Out


If you have a special someone, make sure you ask him or her to circle February 14 on the calendar to be with you. Once the date is secured, start making some Valentine's Day plans. Couples who are relatively new to one another are usually most comfortable going out to a restaurant for the evening, while those who've been intimate for a while prefer to getaway some place romantic. If you feel like traveling near or far, these sites can help to get you there.

Valentine's Day Getaways

Current Valentine Vacation Packages
Selected hotel and resort deals.

Romantic Hotels
Great places for couples.

Castle Hotels
Locations in North America and Europe.

50 U.S. States of Romance
Recommended romantic places across the USA.

Top 5 Ski Resorts in the US and Canada
Where to make the most of winter.

Weekend Getaways
Quick, last-minute trips for lovers.

Dining Out on Valentine's Day

Romantic Restaurants
The top places in cities across the USA.

Where to Make Restaurant Reservations Online
Reserve a table for two, online or by email.

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