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Foods of Love


Pink Martini Glass

A pink martini glass, the perfect vessel for your Valentini.

Is the way to a man's heart still through his stomach? What about a woman's? Indulge your appetites with foods and other consumables aphrodisiacal on Valentine's Day or any day of the year.

Food & Drink Recipes for Lovers
Compiled by your About Guide.

Valentini Cocktail Martini
Learn to mix this pink love potion.

Valentine's Day Recipes
About's Southern Cooking Guide suggests luscious fare.

Top Valentine's Day Drinks
Imbibe with About's Cocktails Guide.

Gallery of Aphrodisiac Foods, Lore & Recipes
Foods reputed to increase virility or fertility, enhance sexual pleasure, or inspire fidelity. A photo gallery by Miri Rotkovitz.

Rich Chocolate Desserts for Valentine's Day
Good and gooey things, from About's Baking Guide.

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