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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring - Part II


diamond solitaire

A brilliant, round, solitaire diamond.

(c) De Beers.


Diamonds are available in a range of prices. Spend wisely, and you'll be rewarded with a gem of maximum quality and value.

If you're planning to buy a diamond engagement ring, which after 500 years remains the No. 1 choice as the gift that seals a vow, you may want to use the commonly accepted guideline of two months' salary.

How can you be sure to choose the perfect diamond for her? She may already have dropped hints by admiring a picture or someone else's. If not, ask what she likes. Take her diamond shopping. Share your knowledge of rarity with her. Later, surprise her with the ultimate gift of love.

When it comes to other types of diamond jewelry, such as a diamond solitaire necklace or anniversary band, purchase the highest-quality you can afford. As a symbol of love's affirmation, rare diamonds fully capture the magic of a lifetime shared.


Now that you know what makes a diamond engagement ring rare and valuable, you're ready to give the gift of a lifetime. Let the magic of its incomparable fire, sparkle, and brilliance beautifully say how much you feel for the woman you love. The moment, along with the diamond engagement ring, will be something you both treasure forever.

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