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Vacation Travel Scrapbook

Create a vacation scrapbook to preserve your most romantic travel memories.


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Once your honeymoon or romantic vacation is over, how will you remember it?

If you'd rather not trust your experiences to memory, consider creating a vacation scrapbook where you preserve souvenirs you gather on your travels.

If you haven't gotten into scrapbooking, you can learn about it by exploring About Scrapbooking. This site features volumes of information plus techniques and tools for creating custom scrapbook albums that become cherished keepsakes.

Digital Travel Scrapbooks

Prefer to build a digital travel scrapbook? Read "Digital Scrapbooking: What Is It All About?" first -- and prepare to do lots of scanning.

A digital scrapbook is a good showcase for digital photos in a creative and personal context. Plus, it couldn't be easier to share your vacation memories with friends and family when you're done: Just email them the URL.

Start Collecting for Your Travel Scrapbook

When you begin your travels, keep an eye out for collectible objects. You'll find many that are free or inexpensive. (See Travel Souvenir List)

You can also create your own -- poems, sketches, love notes can all find a place in your pages.

Do seek out what's unique to a destination. In Florence, Italy, for example, you can find stationery stores that specialize in exquisite handmade papers. You could use them in a scrapbook as backgrounds, frames, or even shape something new out of the material, such as interlocking paper wedding rings.

So that you'll have plenty of material to choose from and plenty of variety in your vacation travel scrapbook, start gathering items on all your travels, even ones close to home. Preserve them all in a dry, safe place until you're ready to start building your scrapbook.

What Goes in Your Travel Scrapbook? Use your imagination to come up with travel treasures to personalize your scrapbook -- and have a great time collecting them!

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