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Five Top Reasons to Elope

by Lisa Tabb


Lisa Tabb in Fiji

Lisa Tabb in Fiji

Photo courtesy of Lisa Tabb
Relatively speaking. Eloping is a bargain compared with the cost of conventional weddings, upon which average couples spend in the neighborhood of $19,000 (according to Modern Bride magazine) -- way more if they happen to live in a big city. With one exception, all of the elopements depicted here -- wedding and honeymoon included -- cost in the neighborhood of $5,000 fully paid. It's our experience that a couple can stay at the best hotels, eat like kings, see the world through a unique perspective, and return home marriage certificate in hand -- with enough dough left over to throw a whiz-bang reception if they so wish.


Where a conventional wedding can consume a year or more of advance planning, our ceremonies were cobbled together in a matter of weeks -- sometimes even days.


Where conventional weddings often are scripted down to the last flower petal, playing it loose is part of the thrill of eloping. Everything need not be perfect. When it's just the two of you, alone, with little to concentrate on besides your love for one another, a slice of stale cake or a wrinkle in the bride's gown is far from the end of the world.


Besides, the cake will be great, and the dress will emerge from your luggage miraculously unwrinkled. You'll have to take our word on this one. Things have a way of coming together at the last minute when you elope. Hotel gardeners procure handfuls of flowers for the bride. Registrars agree to officiate on their days off. Passers-by volunteer to take pictures or help translate instructions. Clouds part. Miracles happen. It's one of the joys.


The eloping industry has just begun to blossom. Yet eloping still is a novelty in the sense that, there's lots of choices out there, and gobs of opportunity to differentiate oneself from the herd. That's a good thing, no?

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