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Adults Only Travel

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Adults Only Travel

The cover of Adults Only Travel says it all.

For many adults, a vacation is only a true vacation without kids around. For parents, a break from having to tend to youngsters' needs can be a godsend.

For the childfree, not having meals and other moments broken by cries and tantrums (other than one's own partner's, of course) is a pleasure. And the opportunity to revel in strictly adult pursuits without curious, widening young eyes can only loosen inhibitions.

"In America, there are two classes of travel: First class, and with children." -- Robert Benchley

David West and Louis James have compiled Adults Only Travel for grown-ups who desire or fantasize about such getaways. Alas, the book is a good idea in search of an editor. Since the writing in Adults Only Travel is hyperbole-heavy and distinguished by the type of prose found in sales brochures (there's nary a negative — or even an objective — comment to be found in locale descriptions), it lacks the credibility of an authentic travel guide.

A long and disorganized list of vacation options for those over 18, Adults Only Travel may still be useful to some as a simple albeit unnecessarily time-consuming reference.

Adults Only Travel is divided into four sections and URLs accompany individual entries:

1) Adults Only Resorts- Arranged neither geographically nor alphabetically, this section primarily focuses on resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. The usual all-inclusive suspects -- Club Med, Beaches, Sandals -- are listed, along with lesser-known retreats such as Bedarra Island in Australia and Bermuda's Harmony Club Resort.

Aside from the lack of organization and the silly, breathless copy (example: "When planning the ultimate, all-inclusive adult vacation there are only two words... Club Med!"), there is no rating system to help readers compare properties or amenities.

2) Adults Only Bed & Breakfasts, Villas and Inns- This category suffers from the same disorganization and florid descriptions. There is no way to find information on a specific region without flipping through every page until you happen upon a destination you're interested in.

To give you an idea of the nutty sequencing, the entry for Anniversary Inn (Salt Lake City) is followed directly by that of Berkeley Springs Inn (West Virginia), which is right before Cottage Garden B&B (Australia), which is next to Tankah Villas (Mexico), which precedes Cliff House B&B (Washington State).

3) Adults Only Cruises - The best thing about this chapter is that it presents information on charters and cruises that aren't readily available elsewhere. If your idea of bliss is sailing nude — and you're willing to plow through pages in no logical order — you'll become well-acquainted with some 30 different options at sea.

4) Adults Only Hot Spots - Locations and info on sex conventions... naked scuba diving expeditions... Vegas vulgarities... a nude beauty contest... bare volleyball... erotic nightclubs and balls... and more complete this chapter on unconventional vacation activities for adults only.

Clearly, some of these are more suitable for the lonely male traveler in search of paid companionship than the passionate couple who need little or no outside stimulation. But if you want to take a walk on the wild side, this chapter will put you on track.

Adults Only Travel includes a brief resource list. It contains the names, URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses for companies that specialize in adult travel.

Note: At this point, the book is so dated that couples are advised to find this info via Internet search rather than purchasing the original book or its second edition.

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