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Cities are Great Places to Honeymoon

10 Reasons to Choose a City


waldorf astoria

NYC's landmark Waldorf=Astoria.

Courtesy of the Waldorf=Astoria.
If escape is the first thing that comes to mind when you think "honeymoon," think again. While beach and destination resorts are restful, the flip side of the coin is that high-powered couples sometimes find them boring. There's not much to do at night except stay in your room. And unless your idea of heaven is doing the same thing day after day, consider going to a place that brims with intelligent signs of life.

    You don't have to do it all -- but it's nice to know it's there.

1. Whatever your interest, you can pursue it in a major population center. From flea markets to live concerts to sporting events, you'll find more than enough to devise a memorable itinerary.

2. Going out to eat will be a big part of your vacation. Instead of getting stuck in a hotel dining room, you can sample all kinds of cuisine. And you're likely to find places far less expensive than those that appeal to tourists.

3. Like to shop? Window-shopping and browsing places like Chicago's Miracle Mile, Boston's Newbury Street, and San Francisco's Union Square will provide plenty of inspiration for feathering your new nest.

4. Just because you're married, you haven't gone brain-dead. Visit a museum, an art gallery, an historical site to expand your horizons and get in touch with generations past and future.

5. People-watching. Cities are fascinating places to walk and wander and soak up the local color.

6. No sand, no sunburn.

7.No insincere smiles. Despite what you may have heard, city-dwellers are by and large friendly and helpful. And the nice ones act that way just because they want to -- not because it's hotel policy.

8. Good -- and inexpensive -- transportation. If you get around like the locals do, you'll discover the real flavor of a place and save money.

9. You'll have the pleasure of seeing people dressed for work without having to feel guilty, because you're on your honeymoon.

10. You don't have to go everywhere and do everything. You can simply draw the curtains, stay in your room the whole time, learn everything you need from the Web, and then tell the folks at home you've been there, done that.

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