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Portugal Romantic Getaway - Visiting Portugal

What Couples Find in Portugal


Madeira  Portugal

Overview of Madeira, Portugal.

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Portugal is an exotic, romantic destination across the Atlantic Ocean. Gateway to Europe, Portugal combines natural beauty, medieval splendor, and sophisticated beach resorts. The landscape and climate of Portugal couldn't be lovelier.

Portugal boasts year-round sunshine and is bordered from south to north by the clean blue waters of the ocean. Whether you choose a city-based honeymoon in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, or opt for the sun-drenched beaches of the Algarve, you'll find lots of places in Portugal to savor romantic moments.

Fun for two in Portgual includes hot-air ballooning, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and mountain biking. Couples can also enjoy water sports along the coast or cruise the canals or rivers that crisscross Portugal, tour a winery.

Shop together for gold-filigree jewelry, fine wines and ports, embroidered fabrics, ceramics, and other handcrafted goods made in Portgual to feather your nest. And don't forget to admire the azulejos -- distinctive, hand-made tiles that decorate the interiors and exteriors of many of the most beautiful buildings and museums in Portgual.

If you've ever entertained the fantasy of spending your wedding night in a castle, you can do that here. Portugal has a network of pousadas -- architecturally and historically significant buildings such as former castles, monasteries, and fortresses -- that have been converted into extraordinary government-run accommodations.

Other regal and romantic spots in Portugal include dramatic Reid's Palace, overlooking Madeira's Bay of Funchal..... Hotel Quinta do Lago, on the lush Algarve coast overlooking the Atlantic...and Lapa Palace, an aristocratic setting in a Lisbon suburb.

The cuisine of Portgual is as diverse and tasty as one would imagine a Mediterranean country's to be. Fresh grilled sardines and succulent lobsters make their way onto many Portuguese menus, and you often find locally grown almonds and figs sweetening desserts.

They're even more delicious when you dine in one of the country's many open-air restaurants. Later, go dancing, listen to the soulful sounds of a fado performer, or try your luck at one of the casinos.

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