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Poconos Honeymoon

Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains Have Hosted Honeymooners for Decades


Heart-shaped tub

The heart-shaped tub endures as an amenity.

Graphic appears courtesy of Caesars Pocono Resorts.
You say you're planning a honeymoon... and sooner or later, someone brings up The Poconos, the Pennsylvania hills that have for generations welcomed newlyweds and other lovers. With their heart-shaped bathtubs, big round beds, and relentless promotion of priapic pleasures, Poconos honeymoon hotels go all out to create a setting for sex.

Founded in 1958, Cove Haven Pocono Resorts, which dominate the Poconos lodging scene, were visited by nearly 16,000 honeymoon couples in 2000.

The three Cove Haven Pocono Resorts (Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, and Pocono Palace) contain more than 750 suites of 25 different styles. Honeymoon lodgings offer a round king-size bed, and most feature a log-burning fireplace.

While the heart-shaped tub endures as an amenity at these properties, the most popular attraction today is a room with a champagne glass whirlpool bath for two, complete with a ladder to climb up into it.


Package prices include breakfast and dinner, all activities, use of all facilities, and nightly entertainment.

Water-skiing, snowmobiling, racquetball, archery, golf and miniature golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, ice skating, and paddleboating are among the seasonal activities. House comedians and dance bands comprise typical evening entertainment.

A Honeymoons concierge offers advice on what clothing to bring, planned theme nights, transportation, and answers anxious couples' questions.

For young couples and those who don't have much travel experience, a Poconos honeymoon can provide a level of comfort. To enhance it, Cove Pocono Resorts features a Honeymoon Concierge, who contacts couples two weeks prior to arrival. The concierge offers advice on the right clothing to bring, theme nights, and transportation. The concierge can also be helpful in arranging horseback riding, outlet shopping, and other on- and off-resort activities. One option is the Big Apple Excursion, a bus trip to New York City, approximately two hours away.

Numerous perks and events await couples. After check-in, for instance, couples are invited to attend a Honeymoon Get Together, where they meet fellow honeymooners and staff. You also receive one free log and a supply of "Pocono Love Bath." In addition, a Honeymoon Memories Keepsake, containing a Honeymoon Journal, T-shirts, disposable camera, pen, and stamped postcards, is delivered to your room. After you've finished your correspondence, join in a round of The Newlywed/Not-So-Newlywed Game, organized by Cove Haven's social director.


It really depends on the two of you. If you're like most couples, your honeymoon budget is nearly four times what you'd spend on an average vacation. You may not be able to travel like this again for a while. So it's critical that you select a place that suits your age, your interests, your personalities, and your level of sophistication. This may help you decide:

GO IF...
You've never been far from home and traveling makes you nervous
You like how all-inclusive pricing accommodates your budget
You live in the eastern United States and don't like to fly
You like the idea of a big bathtub for two
You like participating in sports and don't mind being surrounded by other honeymooners
You're a fan of kitsch
You don't know what kitsch means

You prefer the beach and the ocean to a woodsy environment
You're a sophisticated traveler accustomed to chic accommodations
You enjoy dining in highly rated restaurants
You want to spend some time shopping in places other than outlet malls
You don't care for group events
You want a destination that offers cultural activities
You like to go off and discover things by yourselves

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