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Biltmore Estate and Inn in Asheville, North Carolina

Take an Elegant Journey into the Past at Biltmore Estate


Biltmore Estate and Inn in Asheville, North Carolina
Courtesy of Biltmore Estate.
America’s largest private home and a place of spectacular beauty, 250-room Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC vividly recalls the Gilded Age. Biltmore Estate was conceived and built in a time when no income tax existed and the fabulously weathy could indulge their taste for opulence unrestrained.

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Constructed for George Washington Vanderbilt at the end of 19th century in the style of a French Renaissance chateau, Biltmore Estate took hundreds of workers five years to complete.

Now a National Historic Landmark, Biltmore Estate is a lovingly preserved example of 19th-century privilege and style. Its four stories are decorated with treasures from Europe and the Orient.

Biltmore Estate and the landscaped estate present a detailed portrait of 19th-century society as lived by the enormously wealthy Vanderbilts.

The mansion showcases Vanderbilt’s awesome collections: Paintings by Renoir, Sargent, Whistler, and other masters fill massive hallways and elaborately furnished rooms at Biltmore Estate. Porcelain imported from Europe, fine bronzes, and priceless Persian and Oriental rugs are also counted in the 70,000-object Biltmore Estate collection.

Biltmore Estate "Behind the scenes" guided tours offer guests a chance to explore unrestored areas, take in scenic panoramas, and learn about the ingenuity that went into making life in America’s largest home operate seamlessly.

Biltmore Estate Gardens

Biltmore Estate’s grounds, where visitors are free to wander, are equally resplendent. The property’s 8,000 acres feature magnificent green sanctuaries planned by Frederick Law Olmstead, father of American landscape design.

Nearly a hundred years ago Olmsted endeavored to create what he termed a "natural landscape" across the thousands of Biltmore Estate acres. Thanks to his efforts, the Biltmore Estate landscape, which includes a four-acre English Walled Garden and an All-America Rose Garden, bursts into bloom in spring and summer.

The towering palms in the Biltmore Estate Winter Garden, rare tropical species in the Conservatory, colorful tulips in the English Walled Garden, and the 16th-century Italian Garden with its three reflecting pools were all part of his grand design.

March through November, something’s always in bloom at Biltmore Estate. The best time for viewing is during Biltmore Estate’s spring Festival of Flowers, when an array of spectacular flowers and their fragrances intoxicate.

Biltmore Estate Winery

At Biltmore Estate Winery, which is the most visited in the United States, visitors 21 and older may sample award-winning wines made on the premises. Its Château Biltmore Methode Champenoise Blanc de Blancs, a sparkling wine from the vineyard, has been served at the White House.

Biltmore Estate Outdoor Center

Visitors to Biltmore Estate can indulge in pleasures of the past at the Outdoor Center and experience the same activities George W. Vanderbilt’s guests enjoyed in the early 1900s. These include gentle rides through Biltmore Estate farmland in a six-passenger wagonette, boat excursions, carriage rides, leisurely strolls and guided nature hikes, and even adventures on that newfangled invention, the bicycle.

Horseback riders who leave from Biltmore Estate’s Equestrian Center on guided trail rides can witness the property’s natural beauty first-hand; there are more than one hundred miles of scenic paths.

Your Visit to Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate welcomes nearly a million visitors annually. Allow a full day to explore Biltmore Estate and its surroundings. Admission includes the house, gardens, and winery.

If you’d like to stay overnight, the recently opened Inn on Biltmore Estate is a convenient location from which to further explore the property. The concierge can help you plan the perfect day. But with the Inn on Biltmore Estate's magnificent outdoor pool and hot tub surrounded by the solitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you may be tempted not to venture far.

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