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Touring Nude



Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"

Nudists are everywhere.You just have to know where to look (but don't stare!). And they're not all sun-worshipers and volleyball players, either. If you'd like to try a different kind of nude vacation, consider a cruise or a mountain hike. Just remember to pack lots of sunscreen and Calamine lotion.

Bare Necessities Nude Cruises and Resorts
A travel agency that specializes in see-worthy nude cruises and resort vacations.

No Pockets
Another firm that books clothing-optional cruises.

Go sailing naked with About's Cruises Guide.

Fantastic Voyages
Nude trips to resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Hiking Nude
One man's journey across the Cascade Mountains.

World Naked Bike Ride
A global protest against oil dependency.

Nude Beaches & Resorts Directory
Your guide to nude beaches and clothes-free resorts in:

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