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Fiji Honeymoon

Love and Romance on a Fiji Honeymoon


Fiji Honeymoon
Courtesy of Vatulele Island Resort.
Isolated in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia, the 300 islands that comprise Fiji remain among the last pristine paradises for honeymoon couples and other romantics.

A true exotic getaway, Fiji recently was ranked number two as the most secluded honeymoon destination in the world by travel agents. (Fiji is also known as a destination for red hot romance and breathtaking beaches.)

If you've seen the film Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields as a girl shipwrecked on a deserted island in the South Pacific amid breathtaking scenery, you've caught a glimpse of the heaven that is Fiji.

There are crystal-clear waters to plumb and limestone caves to explore. You can also kayak through a coral grotto surrounded by colorful birds, and visit villages where women sell handmade items, including colorful tapa cloth.

The colorful Fijian culture involves impassioned song and dance, and weddings here are unforgettable in their pageantry.

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