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Honeymoon Cystitis

When Burning Love Becomes a Medical Condition on Your Honeymoon


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Ouch! A honeymoon is supposed to be pure pleasure – but what happens when the bride starts feeling sick during the honeymoon, and sex becomes a dreadful act? Honeymoon cystitis is one term for a urinary tract infection. The majority of sufferers are female, and it's not uncommon for a woman to develop cystitis on her honeymoon. Left untreated, it can lead to a bladder and kidney infection.

Symptoms of honeymoon cystitis may include a burning or painful sensation during urination, the urge to urinate frequently, cloudy urine, blood-tinged urine, and/or pain above the pubic bone — any of which will put a damper on honeymoon lovemaking.

The common cause of honeymoon cystitis is the introduction of bacteria, such as E. coli (which normally lives in the bowel) into the urethra. This bacteria begins to replicate, which leads to infection. In addition to the possibility of it occurring after intercourse, honeymoon cystitis can also start when an unclean finger, penis, or other object is inserted from the anus into the vagina. Women who wipe from back to front, rather than from vagina to anus, are also at higher risk for this infection.

Symptoms of honeymoon cystitis generally emerge within a day or two after bacteria are introduced into the urethra. A physician can confirm the diagnosis of infection through a simple urine test.


Treatment for Honeymoon Cystitis

Once a doctor identifies honeymoon cystitis, or urethritis, as the source of a woman’s discomfort, the physician is likely to prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection and Pyridium for the pain.

An analgesic that helps relieve the burning, the urgency of urination, and the irritation in the lower urinary tract, Pyridium is generally prescribed for only two days’ use. It temporarily turns urine a bright orange-red color. Abstention from sex, until the infection clears up, is generally advised.

Soaking in warm, non-soapy water can provide additional relief to the area, and drinking plenty of fluids, such as cranberry juice, may help you feel better faster.


Prevention of Honeymoon Cystitis

Simple precautions can help ensure that honeymoon cystitis does not recur:

- Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day is recommended)
- Drink cranberry juice
- Avoid coffee
- Urinate immediately before and after sexual activity to flush bacteria from the urethra
- When you’re ready to resume penis-vagina sex, consider applying a water-based lubricant to the vaginal area to ease insertion
- See a urologist or gynecologist for further treatment if the infection returns post-honeymoon.

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