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Honeymoons A to Z


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Love's in bloom!

Congratulations on getting engaged! Expect the months ahead to be busy and exciting ones. And just when you reach the point when you can't make one more plan, decision, or phone call... there's still the honeymoon to figure out. That's why lots of couples leave the wedding logistics to one member and the honeymoon details to the other.

Thanks to the Web, you can do almost all your honeymoon research and planning online. Start below.

Using this site, you can focus on a particular destination -- in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, or more exotic spots --and find links to worlds of information regarding activities, places to stay, sights to see, and adventure vacations. You can check airfares and buy tickets, plan a honeymoon driving trip, figure out what to pack before you go, and learn about the world's top destinations for lovers.

To help you get started, I've put together the following list of articles and sites for honeymooners-to-be. A word of advice: Despite how tiresome and even frustrating you may find it at times to make travel plans, get questions answered, and have plans confirmed, keep your eyes on the prize: That unforgettable moment when, as Mr. and Mrs, you first unlock the door to your honeymoon suite...


Vacationing is easier, and often less expensive, if you choose a resort where the costs of food, drinks, lodging, activities, and even tips are all included. You can find a comprehensive list of all-inclusive resorts here. If you're undecided about whether or not an all-inclusive is for you, read this first.

Budgeting Your Trip

Despite the fact that honeymooners typically spend four times as much as the average vacationer, you still want to make sure that money is well spent. Find out here where to splurge and where to save. For your convenience: a handy budget worksheet.

Caribbean Islands

Is a tropical beach your idea of the perfect getaway? If so, you can explore -- and discover the differences between -- the major Caribbean islands here.

Destination Weddings

More and more couples are choosing the fun of a wedding away. They're traveling with their closest friends and most-favored family members to a vacation spot to a resort where they can celebrate both the wedding and honeymoon. Check here for sources in the USA and abroad to help you plan your wedding away from home.


There comes a time during every engagement when the other "e" word -- eloping -- rears its head. Find out here what it's really like... from a couple who's done it ten times!

Flying for Beginners

If you haven't flown much or find yourself nervous in the air, this page is for you.

Get the Most out of a Hotel

Even if you only have a day, pack the most fun into it!


It's the no. 1 choice for honeymooners. Find out why -- and where to stay.

Inexpensive Trips

Places where you and your budget can go farther.


As soon as you get off the plane, Jamaica greets you with a "Welcome Home" (and sometimes the opportunity to purchase an illegal substance). The country also has more all-inclusives for couples than anywhere else. Find out all about this verdant island here.

Key to Events

Want to plan a trip that ties in with a fair, music festival, or other domestic and international cultural activities? Start your search here.

Las Vegas

Want a truly effortless wedding and/or honeymoon? This is the place for it. And you may be surprised at how upscale it's become.


Head south of the border and find everything from all-inclusives to luxury resorts.

Niagara Falls

Honeymooners have been coming here for two centuries. Read this to learn if you want to keep up the tradition.


Considering a trip to Florida's Disneyland and vicinity? These links will lead you to the best places for couples.

The Poconos

Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains have hosted honeymooners for decades... should you be among them?

Questionnaire for Couples

Fill out this questionnaire before anything else. It will help you to quickly determine what type of honeymoon will suit tyou both. Simply print out two copies, answer the questions separately, compare answers... and you're on your way.

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