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Barbados Honeymoon

Behold what Barbados Holds for Lovers


Sandy Lane in Barbados

Guest bedroom at Sandy Lane in Barbados.

© Sandy Lane.
One of the lushest islands in the Caribbean, Barbados is fun with a British accent. While Barbados is the No. 1 honeymoon destination for couples from Great Britain, more and more Americans are discovering the beauty and sophistication of Barbados as well.

Recently the government of Barbados eased marriage requirements, making it even easier for couples to wed as well as honeymoon in Barbados. If this is something you're considering, speak to a wedding coordinator at a hotel that interests you.

At last count, Barbados had 153 hotels, and a few are all-inclusives. Hotelier Peter Odle says, "Whatever your desire -- whether it be to laze on the beach or conquer every watersport offered, you can do it here."

    Here you find all elements for perfect romance: The lulling sounds of the relentless surf, balmy air, warm sun and water, and incredible Barbados sunsets.

Guests with island-exploring on their mind can visit the capital city of Bridgetown for shopping and siteseeing. One of my best memories was a taxi tour of the island's wilder eastern side, where banana trees grow on the side of the road and the ocean crashes far below.


Crane Beach , romantically secluded on Barbados rugged eastern shore, offers the most extraordinary ocean views. By the pool, tall white columns overlook the sea. If you look down, or are willing to walk the 120-step circular staircase, you can join the other sun-worshippers on this Barbados beach. Check Rates Now

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion attracts a somewhat older and very upscale crowd. But what a beautiful Barbados spot it is! At night, the dining room is pure elegance, with white linen tablecloths and chair coverings and tiny white lights wound around trunks of giant palms. The edge of the dining room abuts the sea, illuminated to add drama to the waves.

Sandy Lane is as posh as places get in Barbados. It's exclusive, expensive, and dedicated to catering to guests' every need. For example, golfers can have a warm breakfast cooked to their exact specifications... and delivered directly to their golf cart.

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