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Are There All-Inclusives Just for Couples?


Are There All-Inclusives Just for Couples?

Bedroom at Club Med Turks & Caicos.

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Question: Are There All-Inclusives Just for Couples?
Answer: Yes. There are all-inclusives specifically for couples, all-inclusives just for families, all-inclusives dedicated to nudists, even an all-inclusive for plus-size people.

So how can you find an all-inclusive that's right for you -- and avoid spending your honeymoon or vacation among other people's children if you don't want to?

Brands such as Sandals and SuperClubs primarily cater to adults. The wilder Hedonism Resorts, part of the SuperClubs brand, have both "nude" and "prude" sides.

Then there are brands of all-inclusives -- namely Breezes, Franklyn D, and Beaches resorts -- that welcome families with children. Casual and not-too-posh Club Med has become more of a family-oriented all-inclusive company, but it still has some outposts that cater especially to adult singles and couples.

The easiest way to identify if an all-inclusive is restricted to adults is by determining if it limits guests to age 16 or older. You can usually find this out by checking the Web site or calling the 800 reservations number.

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