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Honeymoon Adventures

Where to Find Excitement and Challenges All Over the World


Honeymoon Adventures
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By Susan Breslow Sardone

Active couples who welcome challenge are using their post-wedding getaway to try something out of the ordinary...adventure travel to destinations well off the beaten track. If you're fit, love the outdoors, and hate the idea of a cookie-cutter honeymoon, you can find places all over the Web -- and all over the world -- to satisfy that quest for adventure.

Recommended Adventure Sites

Lonely Planet provides a clickable map of the world and a search engine that leads to in-depth descriptions of exotic places -- but it helps to know where you want to go beforehand. I also like the Rough Guides. They publish reliable adventure-destination guides, and basic material from their super-helpful books is available online.

Offering perhaps the most comprehensive set of links for active vacationers, Specialty Travel Index is the place to begin a travel fantasy, regardless of whether you want to take an air safari, cattle drive, or dog sled trip. The site links to places and tour operators who can make those wild dreams reality.

Are you the kind of couple who just can't decide where to go and would just as soon cover your eyes, spin the globe, and point? Access MT Sobek's Quick Selection Guide. Your quest may turn up a hike to California's Mt. Shasta, a walking safari through Kenya, or something quite different. The specialists at iExplore are experienced travelers who can help you pursue a passion anywhere in the world.

Even if you're not mountain-climbers at heart, you can still find vacations that are active without being exhausting like Backroads, which organizes biking, walking, and multisport trips around the globe that provide the ease of a support van and baggage transfers.

Last but not least, spend some time on Adventure Travel at About.com, where my colleague explores the world and reveals its most exciting destinations and activities.

Traveler Beware: Since you're not likely to find the same amenities on an adventure trip as you would at a sophisticated resort, packing becomes all-important. Consider packing an Adventure Medical Kit and don't leave home without first reading Health Information for Travelers from the CDC.

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