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Susan Breslow Sardone

Canada Honeymoon Q&A

By April 7, 2014

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From the mailbox:

    Hope you can help us! We're getting married next March and are planning to visit NYC and Canada on our honeymoon. As you know, there are many places in Canada, but we'll have only one week there. We want to choose places close to the U.S., like Niagara Falls, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, and Ottawa. Could you help us to plan a good honeymoon schedule in Canada? How many days should we spend in each city? Do you think one week is enough to visit all those cities on a honeymoon?
Dear March Bride,

You've set out an ambitious schedule for yourself. One of the first things to consider is dropping Ottawa from the list. Despite the fact it's the nation's capital, there's not much of interest for tourists there. In terms of charm and fun, the list goes like this:

Montreal: Couples will find the most to see and do here. Montreal is both an ancient city and a modern one that romantics adore. It's the best in Canada for shopping, the architecture of Vieux Montreal is charming, and you can eat well for little in Chinatown or savor fine French fare just about anywhere. There's also a sophisticated casino, good live entertainment, and world-class events and festivals throughout the year.

Quebec City: Also a must-see on a Canada honeymoon, Quebec City is historic and picturesque. Although most residents are bi-lingual, the dominant language is French, which adds to the city's charm and exoticism. Quebec's Old Town, a World Heritage site, is the only fortified city north of Mexico and where you'll want to spend most of your time wandering the narrow streets, gazing out at the St. Lawrence, dropping in at cafes for a croissant or some patisserie, and just taking in the utter romance of it all. Even if you can't overnight in the famous Chateau Frontenac, take a tour of this landmark.

Niagara Falls is VERY touristy and honky-tonk, with an overabundance of fast-food joints and attractions for kids, so there's not much left of the romance this destination was once known for. I say, stay one night, see the Falls, then get the heck out of there. Drive just 20 miles north to reach Niagara on the Lake, a world apart. The sophisticated choice, it has vineyards and wineries, a world-renowned theater, beautiful landscaping, and a low-key attitude.

Toronto is a big, modern, clean city with a many ethnic neighborhoods of interest to explore, great inexpensive restaurants, theater, shopping, and an active waterfront.

Do keep in mind that March is still off-season for a honeymoon in Canada. It can still be quite cold there and snow isn't out of the question. So pack warm--and have a wonderful time!

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January 13, 2008 at 12:13 pm
(1) Margaret Tierney says:

WE’re going on honeymoon next July and we found this short but informative piece every helpful. e are going for at least 2-3 weeks. We’re flying from Dublin, Ireland and are wondering where is the best place to fly into to start our holiday. We’ve no interest in big bustling cities or tourist traps like Niagara falls. We love culture, charm and good quality food. We’re thinking of a bit of adventures and trips to start and then have 4-6 days of complete luxury before we come home. Can you suggest a plan? What’s your opinion on Nova Scotia? Someone mentioned it to me but I hadn’t heard about it previously. Thanks, Maggie.

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