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If You Think You Can't Afford a Honeymoon...

Sunday June 1, 2014
Think again: If you're willing to do a little work... or skip a couple of nights on a soft bed and sleep elsewhere... or even rough it, you can definitely have a honeymoon -- and a memorable one at that!

Dirt-Cheap Honeymoons for Couples Who Think They Can't Afford One

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Honeymoon at Hilton Waikoloa Village

Saturday May 31, 2014
Year after year, couples select Hawaii as their first choice for a honeymoon vacation. And one of the most popular honeymoon resorts is Hilton Waikoloa Village, 60-plus acres of paradise on the Big Island.

At Hilton Waikoloa Village a couple can swim with dolphins, dine in a variety of restaurants, enjoy the priceless collection of Asian and Polynesian art, go kayaking, and even get married in a dedicated wedding chapel or pretty oceanside gazebo.

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More Hawaii Honeymoon Info

Photo of Hilton Waikoloa Village Kona Pool Waterfall by Eric B. Hanson.

Father's Day Getaways 2014

Thursday May 29, 2014
What are you planning to do for Dad on Father's Day, Sunday, June 15? If your answer contains the words "blue shirt" -- stop right there! Get him something he will really appreciate: Father's Day Getaways.

Whether he's a golfer, a gambler, or something else, you'll find ideas to please dads of every kind. (Even those who've never had a honeymoon or can't remember their last vacation.)

Let Him Decide When to Go
Travel Gift Cards for Dad

Image: Turning Stone Resort.

Wine Country Honeymoons

Wednesday May 28, 2014
As if a honeymoon or romantic getaway isn't intoxicating enough, add some wine (tasting) to the recipe, and you just may swoon.

Although many states grow grapes and make wines, California -- specifically Sonoma County and Napa Valley -- is best known for its wineries.

Explore California Wine Country

For Lovers of Fine Food & Wine
Read: What is Culinary Travel?

Image Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.

Nude Recreation Week

Wednesday May 28, 2014
In case it's not on your calendar yet, Nude Recreation Week occurs every July. If you're planning to celebrate, don't get stressed and don't get dressed: you can find nude beaches and nude resorts just about anywhere you want to go on vacation together.

According to The Wall Street Journal, nude recreation is among the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry. Nude vacationers have their own cruises, luxury resorts, and campgrounds.

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Spend Summer in the Alps

Tuesday May 27, 2014
Are you a couple that prefers the cool, crisp air of the mountains in summer to the heat and crowds at the beach? If so, take your honeymoon or romantic vacation in The Alps of Europe, glorious getaways at the roof of the world.

Alpine Countries
for a honeymoon or romantic getaway

Alpine Attractions
for a honeymoon or romantic getaway

Travel the Swiss Alps by Train
on a honeymoon or romantic getaway

The Brides of St. Petersburg

Tuesday May 27, 2014
Every June, St. Petersburg, Russia explodes into a celebration of love. Following their wedding ceremony, St. Petersburg brides and their grooms set out to visit a multitude of city landmarks. It's partly tradition, partly to pay homage to those who perished during WWII, and partly to pose against St. Petersburg's most impressive buildings and monuments.

See the Brides of St. Petersburg
Read About Russian Wedding Traditions
Visit St. Petersburg's Posh Grand Hotel Europe

Honeymoon of the Year: Kim, Kanye & Castlemartyr

Monday May 26, 2014
According to People magazine, newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have jetted to Ireland's Castlemartyr resort on their honeymoon.

The country manor house in County Cork has its own spa, fitness studio and golf course adjacent to the ruins of an 800-year-old castle. Word is, they'll be nesting in the Presidential Suite and have taken 7 additional rooms to ensure privacy.

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Airline Ratings

Monday May 26, 2014
Do you care about airline quality when you shop for a flight? I do. I've logged a lot of miles on a lot of lousy airlines (I'm looking at you, US Airways, although Captain Sullenberger did much to rehabilitate your image).

I've also witnessed passengers at other airlines being treated no better than cattle (that would be Ryanair). So I don't only search for a flight based on price; I care about quality, too.

I've also been pleasantly surprised by some airlines: Virgin Atlantic offers a vast entertainment selection; when I flew the carrier to Africa and back I never ran out of things to watch (okay, they neglected to load my luggage onto the plane, but I did receive it intact 48 hours later).

Then there's Jet Airways, which serves passengers in all classes a flying feast conceived by a Michelin-starred chef. Little things -- cloth napkins, real china and silverware, a smile from a flight attendant, and that great food -- can go a long way toward earning customer loyalty.

Now before I book a flight, I check the airline ratings around the Web and at the Airline Quality site. And that's one reason I'm not going to be boarding an Alitalia flight any time soon....

Are there airlines that you love -- or avoid at all costs? Add your comments or ratings below.

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Spa? Nah.

Sunday May 25, 2014
Some people think spas are the closest thing to heaven. I'm not one of them -- and I don't think a spa vacation is a good idea for a couple, either. Find out why:

Top 10 Reasons Why You May Hate Spas.

Insist on visiting a spa despite my warnings? Then consider Spas of Mexico, where your dollar goes farther.

Image Mision del Sol.

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