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Plan Your Summer Vacation

Whether you're taking a honeymoon this summer or a romantic getaway, here's help to have the best.

Know Where to Go When
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European Romance

Tuesday April 15, 2014
Throughout time, the world's most passionate couples in fact and fiction have pursued their romance against a European backdrop.

Romeo & Juliet... Napoleon & Josephine... Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester... D.H. & Frieda Lawrence... Prince Rainier & Princess Grace... Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton... even Posh & Becks.

If you're thinking of visiting Europe on a honeymoon or romantic vacation together, consider both the castle hotels and great cities of Europe.

The Most Romantic Countries in Europe
Any place is filled with romance when you're in love, but these countries are known for providing that extra spark:

Photo of the Alcazar in Segovia Lyn & Arthur Dobrin.

May Wedding Anniversary Trip Ideas

Sunday April 13, 2014
Did your wedding take place in May? Then regardless of how many years you've been married, it's time to plan a romantic getaway before your anniversary rolls around.

There are special places for romance in May. Sure, you could go just about anywhere and have a wonderful time being together. But if your wedding anniversary date is in the merrie month, there are optimal places for two to celebrate.

See: May Anniversary Ideas

PS: Is it your birthday rather than your wedding anniversary in May? You can also find customized ideas on places to go and where to stay.

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Image Cap Juluca

Family Honeymoon Ideas

Friday April 11, 2014

When it comes to honeymoons, two's company and three (or four or more) is definitely a crowd. But that doesn't keep lots of couples with kids who marry to take a honeymoon that includes the entire family.

In fact, there are places that seem to be made for a family honeymoon. They've got everything from nannies for newborns to nature workshops for older kids. And that means while the kids are away, you two can play....

Family Honeymoon Ideas

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Find Your Bliss in the Florida Keys

Wednesday April 9, 2014
Ready to take a trip to the ends of the earth? How about heading down to the Florida Keys, southernmost part of the USA?

Want to know what's so special about the Florida Keys? You can view the unique attractions of these honeymoon-perfect islands at land's end in the Florida Keys & Key West photo gallery.

Discover the most romantic Hotels for Couples in the Florida Keys including Little Palm Island and Hawks Cay.

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Photo Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau.

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